Vegan Turmeric Quinoa Power Bowl Recipe | Easy & Tasty

This Vegan Turmeric Quinoa Power Bowl is delicious and healthy. It includes earthy, spicy flavors and mixed textures. You can enjoy seasoned turmeric roasted potatoes, chickpeas, crispy kale, and quinoa in sweet lemon tahini dressing. It takes just 30 minutes to make. The dish provides a sense of well-being, with turmeric as its star ingredient for health. Created by Christine McMichael, this recipe shows how vegan cooking can be versatile and easy.

Key Takeaways

  • Ready in 30 minutes with a prep time of just 15 minutes and a cook time of 25 minutes.
  • This recipe has received dozens of 5-Star reviews from food enthusiasts.
  • The key ingredient, turmeric, adds both flavor and numerous health benefits.
  • Perfect for vegan power bowls, featuring seasoned quinoa and roasted chickpeas.
  • The dish can be easily customized with various toppings and dressings.

Introduction to Vegan Turmeric Quinoa Power Bowl

Jump into wholesome vegan cooking with our Vegan Turmeric Quinoa Power Bowl. It’s vibrant and full of nutrition, making it an ideal start to vegan eating. This dish blends *turmeric*’s richness with quinoa and colorful veggies.

This turmeric quinoa bowl is a nutrient powerhouse. Each serving boasts 31g of protein and 18g of fiber. With kale, quinoa, chickpeas, and more, it gives you a variety of important nutrients.

Getting this turmeric quinoa bowl ready is easy and takes only 20 minutes. It’s perfect for quick, tasty, and nutritious meals. The almond satay dressing, with almond butter and lime juice, adds a delicious, nutty taste.

Look at what each serving offers nutritionally:

Calories 586
Carbohydrates 62g
Protein 31g
Fat 27g
Sodium 624mg
Fiber 18g
Vitamin A 68IU
Vitamin C 59mg
Calcium 230mg
Iron 8mg

This guide to vegan meals shows how easy it is to include the turmeric quinoa bowl in your diet. It’s ideal for enjoying rich, vegan recipes that are simple to make. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned vegan, you’ll love adding this bowl to your meals.

The Health Benefits of Turmeric

Turmeric, the star ingredient of this power bowl, brings many health boosts. This golden spice is known for fighting inflammation and upping antioxidant levels in our bodies. It plays a big role in an antioxidant-rich diet. Adding turmeric to your meals can majorly improve your health, especially for vegans.

Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Turmeric is famous for its anti-inflammatory properties, thanks to curcumin. Research shows that curcumin can lower diabetes risk. In one study, 240 prediabetes patients saw great health improvements.

Curcumin might also fight flu and herpes viruses. Including anti-inflammatory foods like turmeric in your diet helps with arthritis and inflammatory bowel disease.

Boosts Antioxidant Levels

Turmeric also raises antioxidant levels. Antioxidants guard our bodies against free radicals, which cause oxidative stress and cell damage. Curcumin neutralizes these radicals, supporting an antioxidant-rich diet.

It has shown promise in easing PMS and lowering bad cholesterol in studies. To get the most from turmeric, mix it with black pepper and fats like avocado oil in this recipe.

Using turmeric in your meals has vast health benefits, fitting perfectly with vegan nutritional benefits. It not only brings health perks but also adds vibrant color and rich flavor to dishes.

Essential Ingredients for the Vegan Turmeric Quinoa Power Bowl

The Vegan Turmeric Quinoa Power Bowl mixes vital vegan items with nutritious elements. It has a special taste and brings health benefits. Each part improves the flavor and adds to the nutrition, creating a protein-filled vegan meal.

Gold Potatoes

Gold potatoes give a nice texture and slight sweetness. They make the dish rich and bring important nutrients. You can swap them with sweet potatoes or red ones to change the taste and color.


Quinoa is a gluten-free, protein-rich base. It’s light, fluffy, and goes well with everything, adding protein to every bite. You can use red quinoa for more antioxidants, but any type fits well.


Chickpeas add protein and a crunchy texture. They are full of protein and fiber, adding to the dish’s nutritious value. Chickpeas make any power bowl better.

These protein-rich foods make for a balanced, hearty meal for any time. Their flavors and textures mix to make a nutrient-rich, tasty bowl.

How to Prepare This Recipe in 30 Minutes

Making this recipe quickly turns it into a favorite among quick vegan dishes. You’ll find the steps simple and fitting nicely into your quick meal plans. Let’s start on how to ready a perfect vegan dish in no time.

Roasting the Potatoes

First, heat your oven to 425掳F (220掳C). Cut the gold potatoes into even pieces and lay them out on a sheet. Toss them with olive oil and scatter turmeric, salt, and pepper on top. Bake for 20-25 minutes until they’re golden and crunchy.

Cooking the Quinoa

As the potatoes bake, rinse one cup of quinoa with cold water. Then, mix the quinoa and two cups of water in a pot and boil. Lower the flame, cover it, and let it simmer for 15 minutes. Stir it with a fork when done.

Assembling the Bowl

Spoon a big helping of quinoa into each bowl. Add the roasted potatoes, some arugula, and slice some radishes on top. Include chickpeas, avocado slices, and lemon juice. Finish with a splash of your best homemade dressing, making an easy, impressive 30-minute meal.

There you go鈥攁 great vegan meal prep that’s quick and ensures a healthy, tasty dish. Be sure to rate this recipe and share your experience with these quick vegan meals!

Tips and Substitutions

Making your Vegan Turmeric Quinoa Power Bowl your own is simple. You can adjust it to match different tastes and needs. Here are some tips and swaps to tailor this tasty meal to what you like:

Replacing Ingredients

For a twist on vegan recipes, try using sweet potatoes or cauliflower instead of gold potatoes. This can lower the carbs. You might also swap chickpeas for black beans or edamame. They bring a new taste and texture. These changes keep the meal interesting and healthy.

Additional Protein Options

Add tofu or tempeh to up the plant-based protein in your bowl. They鈥檙e both awesome vegan choices that increase protein a lot. Online, you can find tips on making your bowl richer in nutrients. For those okay with non-vegan options, adding turmeric-seasoned chicken or shrimp can enhance the dish.

About 80% of the immune system is in the gut. Using top-notch ingredients like these boosts overall health. You can stick with vegan ingredients or try other plant proteins. This recipe鈥檚 flexibility makes it a great choice for any meal.

How to Store and Meal Prep This Recipe

Prepping your Vegan Turmeric Quinoa Power Bowl in advance means you’ll always have a healthy meal ready. This makes it easier to meet your diet goals.

meal prep for vegans

Storing Leftovers

For vegan dishes like the Vegan Turmeric Quinoa Power Bowl, keep it simple. Let the ingredients cool, then put them into airtight containers. They stay fresh in the fridge for 3-5 days.

If you need to keep them longer, freeze them. Frozen components last 1-2 months. Just thaw and reheat well before eating.

Meal Prep Tips

Planning your vegan power bowl efficiently requires good organization. Divide the ingredients (except dressing and avocado) into meal prep containers. This keeps everything tasting great.

Store the dressing in separate small containers. Add it right before eating. This way, the dish stays fresh for 3-5 days in the fridge.

To boost protein, add seitan or firm tofu as Christine McMichael suggests. It makes the dish more nutritious and suits different diets. Each serving has 577 calories, 68g of carbohydrates, 16g of protein, and 30g of fat. These tips make your vegan meal planning both tasty and straightforward.

Why You鈥檒l Love This Vegan Turmeric Quinoa Power Bowl

The Vegan Turmeric Quinoa Power Bowl mixes great taste with nutrition. Each bowl packs 31g of protein and 18g of fiber. This makes for a fulfilling meal that meets your health needs. The combo of turmeric and black pepper in it boosts curcumin absorption. This offers great health benefits. Check out the benefits of turmeric quinoa bowls.

It’s not just healthy but also quick to make, taking only 20 minutes. There are 11 unique plant-based ingredients in this bowl. These add to an easy and pleasant eating experience. They also bring important nutrients like Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Calcium, and Iron. Quinoa, a key part, is rich in plant protein and fiber, keeping you full longer.

The mix of flavors makes this power bowl stand out. It’s spiced with turmeric, smoked paprika, black pepper, ginger, and cayenne. This mix gives it an aromatic and spicy touch. The roasted cauliflower, with soy sauce and honey, adds an umami taste that enhances the dish.

If you’re after something tasty and healthy, this bowl is a great choice. To make it, roast cauliflower at 425潞F for 20 minutes. Cook quinoa in vegetable broth for 15 minutes. Mix feta cheese with Greek yogurt for a creamy topping. The whipped feta brings in creaminess, and lemon adds a tangy freshness.

Meal preppers will love that these bowls last in the fridge for 2-3 days. Keep the dressing separate for best results. You can prepare the dressing in advance too, ideal for busy schedules. For more tasty meals, look into turmeric roasted cauliflower bowls and veggie power bowls. These can add variety to your meal plans.

More Vegan Turmeric Recipes to Try

Looking to spice up your vegan meals? Turmeric can make that happen. It’s a bright yellow spice that brings both color and health perks. Check out these turmeric-based vegan dishes that are tasty and good for you.

Recipe Average Prep Time Recommended Storage Cooking Temperature
Vegan Turmeric Roasted Chickpea and Quinoa Salad 30 minutes Refrigerator: up to 1 week
Freezer: up to 10 months
Curried Turmeric Lentil Soup 45 minutes Refrigerator: up to 5 days
Freezer: up to 6 months
Simmer on medium heat
Turmeric Smoothie with Ginger 10 minutes Refrigerator: up to 2 days
Freezer: not recommended
Blend until smooth

Ready for new vegan recipes? There are plenty that showcase turmeric’s unique taste and benefits. Take, for example, the Vegan Turmeric Roasted Chickpea and Quinoa Salad. It uses 7 small yellow potatoes and 15 ounces of canned chickpeas. Plus, the 2 teaspoons of turmeric powder add a lovely pop of color.

This dish gets roasted at 350掳F for 25 minutes. This blends flavors beautifully and creates a great texture and smell.

Exploring turmeric in your vegan meals makes dining even more fun. You could try a warming Curried Turmeric Lentil Soup or a zesty Turmeric Smoothie with Ginger. Such recipes are tasty, fulfilling, and packed with health benefits. Turmeric is known for fighting inflammation. This makes it a top choice for healthy, plant-centered eating.

Turmeric brings something special to both savory and sweet vegan recipes. Adding it not only tastes great but also supports a well-rounded, healthy diet. So why not try these turmeric-themed recipes? They might just elevate your cooking game!

More Healthy Bowl Recipes

Beyond the loved Vegan Turmeric Quinoa Power Bowl, there’s a huge variety of healthy vegan bowl recipes. They bring fun and health to your meals, offering something for everyone.

healthy vegan ships

Nutritious meal bowls are great because they can fit anyone’s taste. You might want a big, savory meal or maybe something light and fresh. Here are a few awesome bowls to try:

  • Mediterranean Quinoa Bowl: Loaded with chickpeas, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, and tahini dressing, it鈥檚 a taste of the Mediterranean.
  • Sriracha Tofu Buddha Bowl: This bowl has spicy sriracha tofu, avocado, and colorful veggies on brown rice. It’s full of flavor.
  • Mexican Black Bean Bowl: With black beans, corn, salsa, and guacamole, this bowl is like a party of flavors and nutrients.

These bowls show how you can balance taste and health in your diet. They let you play with different ingredients and dressings. It’s perfect for those who love to prepare meals ahead of time.

But there are even more healthy vegan bowl recipes to explore. It鈥檚 all about finding those mix of tastes that you love. Aim for bowls that are delicious and good for you too.

Serving Suggestions and Presentation Tips

Making your Vegan Turmeric Quinoa Power Bowl look great can turn a simple meal into something special. By focusing on how you plate your vegan dishes, you can make them look and taste better. This makes your meal both a feast for the eyes and delicious.

Adding Garnishes

Adding crunchy nuts, fresh herbs, or green onion slices is an easy way to garnish. These additions make your vegan dish look and taste better. For extra color, sprinkle on some hemp hearts or chopped cilantro.

Best Ways to Serve

Arranging your vegan bowls nicely can really improve them. Start with a layer of quinoa and veggies, then add curly kale on top. Before serving, add a drizzle of turmeric tahini dressing, kept cold until it’s used.

Ingredient Amount Storage Time
Shredded Curly Kale 1 cup 5-7 days
White Quinoa 1 cup cooked 5-7 days
Cucumber, Broccoli, Green Olives 1/2 cup each 5-7 days
Sauerkraut 1/4 cup 5-7 days
Avocado, Hemp Hearts 1/4 cup each Freshly prepared

Carefully stack these ingredients to highlight their colors and textures. Try serving on greens or in a whole-grain tortilla for something different.

Turmeric Tips and Tricks

Cooking with turmeric can be fun. But you need to know a few things to get the best out of this bright spice. Try these tips to keep things clean and make awesome vegan dressings.

Dealing with Turmeric Stains

Turmeric looks great but can be tough in the kitchen. To keep your tools and kitchen clean, here鈥檚 what you can do:

  • Use foil or parchment paper on your sheet pans when roasting turmeric-coated vegetables.
  • Opt for dark or stainless steel utensils to prevent noticeable stains.
  • Immediately rinse any utensils, bowls, or hands that come into contact with turmeric to minimize staining.
  • Keep a dedicated set of cloths or sponges for cleaning turmeric to avoid spreading the color to other items.

Perfecting the Dressing

Making great vegan dressings with tahini and turmeric is all about knowing their textures. Tahini doesn’t mix well at first. Here are tips to make your dressing smooth and tasty:

  1. Start by whisking a small amount of liquid with the tahini. This gradual mixing helps soften its texture.
  2. Be patient. Gradually add more liquid while continually whisking to achieve the desired consistency.
  3. For a touch of sweetness, try using agave syrup or honey. This balances turmeric鈥檚 earthy tones and adds great flavor.
  4. Adjust seasoning like salt and pepper to taste, ensuring your dressing enhances the overall dish.

Use these tips for cooking with turmeric and making vegan dressings. You鈥檒l make every meal a taste adventure.


The Vegan Turmeric Quinoa Power Bowl brings together health, taste, ease, and variety. It’s based on 5 years of blogging experience. This experience helps balance nutrients to feed your body well. It’s perfect for a speedy lunch or a big dinner, enhancing your vegan diet. You can also change up the flavors with different oils like olive, grapeseed, and coconut.

Food trends are changing. People now favor mindful eating, bringing ingredients like turmeric into everyday meals. Turmeric is famous for its health benefits, such as lowering inflammation and fighting cancer. Adding veggies like broccoli helps fight cancer too. Plus, beans and grains give you tons of vitamins and minerals for a balanced diet.$p>

Talking about the perks of vegan meals, they can stop chronic diseases and are tasty. You can cook quinoa in vegetable stock for a flavorful breakfast or try different grains if you have food allergies. The recipe is also easy to follow. It means you can enjoy a hearty meal in just 35 minutes.

Adding berries, nuts, or seeds, and flax seeds to your daily diet boosts your health. These small changes in your diet can lessen heart disease risk and might help you live longer. In the end, turmeric power bowls show how little food choices make a big difference in our health.


What are the main ingredients in the Vegan Turmeric Quinoa Power Bowl?

This bowl has gold potatoes, quinoa, chickpeas, crispy kale, and sweet lemon tahini dressing. It’s flavored with turmeric and avocado oil. You can top it with avocado slices.

How long does it take to prepare the Vegan Turmeric Quinoa Power Bowl?

It takes just 30 minutes to make this delicious, nutrient-packed bowl. It鈥檚 a perfect, quick meal for any day.

What are the health benefits of turmeric?

Turmeric, the star in this bowl, fights inflammation and boosts antioxidants. Its compound, curcumin, has many therapeutic benefits.

Can I substitute other ingredients for gold potatoes and chickpeas?

Yes! Feel free to use sweet or red potatoes instead of gold. You can also swap chickpeas for other beans. This recipe is flexible and easy to adjust to your taste.

Is this recipe suitable for meal prep?

Definitely, this recipe is great for meal prep. Allow the ingredients to cool, then store them in airtight containers. They stay fresh in the fridge for 3-5 days or can be frozen.

How do you enhance the bioavailability of turmeric in this project?

We boost turmeric’s benefits by adding black pepper and healthy fats like avocado oil. These are in the recipe.

What are some tips for handling turmeric?

Turmeric can stain, so use foil or parchment paper on pans. Choose dark or stainless steel utensils to avoid stains.

How can I make the tahini dressing smooth and appealing?

Mixing slowly and being patient are key. Tahini may resist blending at first. Gradually add water and stir until it鈥檚 creamy.

What are some additional protein options for this power bowl?

You can add more protein with vegan seitan or tofu. Non-vegan options include chicken or turmeric-spiced shrimp.

What garnishes do you recommend for the Vegan Turmeric Quinoa Power Bowl?

Try crunchy nuts, fresh herbs, or green onion slices as garnishes. They improve the bowl’s look, flavor, and texture.

Are there any other vegan turmeric recipes I should try?

Yes! Try using turmeric in other vegan dishes like curries or smoothies. Exploring with turmeric can broaden your cooking and offer healthful meals.